Friday, 17 May 2019

Just a Hello, Danielle ❤︎

Me & my Chinese host girl Susie
My name is Danielle, I come from the USA and from a very young age, I knew I was meant to be in childcare. I even went to college for an education degree. I was the head teacher in not one but 2 classrooms in my hometown. I love watching children grow up and learn, it is so much more than just being a teacher to me. Another thing I knew I wanted was to travel. I wanted to see the world. So why not combine the two! I found the agency online and within a week found my host family! 

Three months later I was on my way to China! I have now been to China with my amazing host family for 3 months and have loved it. You can form such amazing bonds and really see all that you do really change the lives of everyone involved! I look forward to keeping you updated on how my year in Shenzhen goes and hope to help make a positive impact on your own choices to join in!

Chinese people love to eat out in restaurants..

Greetings from Shenzhen, Danielle

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