Friday, 17 May 2019


Hello, dears, I know how difficult it may be to decide whether being an Au Pair in China is a right choice for you or not - and I hear you, cuz I was precisely in the same situation. Well, minus the available and limited materials online and on YouTube, where I am usually seeking for more information and reviews. 

With the vision of supporting and helping other future or current #loveaupairs, I decided to create my own content. So, I could talk about the program from my point of view, to be honest about the daily challenges and be able to answer the most tricky questions :)

AU PAIR Q&A is a video where I am openly talking about the way I am treated and whether or not am I able to keep up with my own budget. This Q&A was also super random, cuz I was about to leave to see my host girl's ballet performance. Nevertheless, I think it may be super useful for future #loveaupairs  

I made this video with Sabine from Germany, who came to Shenzhen, China back in November 2018 for almost 4 months. How is it to work with Chinese kids and are you really considered as a part of the family? Well, let's find out...

I truly hope that you have a clearer idea about the job as such and all the things connected to life in China in general. Our Agency is also doing live streams on our FB PAGE, where you can ask directly about different topics and get in touch with one of our coordinators :)

kisses from Shenzhen,


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