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My goodbye party at LoveAuPair Agency in Shenzhen, China
Being an Au Pair in China has been definitely the most life-changing experience. China is a beautiful country, offering something for everyone. So, it does not really matter whether you are coming here to improve your Chinese, to start from the beginning or you just want to experience the Chinese way of life in general...

One of my favourite memories with my coordinator and friend Heddi
My Au Pair experience?
I was lucky enough to spend almost a year with my lovely Host Family in Shenzhen, China, which is also a "base" of my Chinese agency called LoveAuPair.


Ema from Australia, Me & American Au Pairs Danielle and Jenna
With one of my host girls :)

My daily routine
I was responsible and took care of two cute Chinese girls (watch my video about life with the Chinese family here ), so most of my duties were based mainly on them. I woke them up, picked them up from school and accompany them throughout their day. My favourite activities? Both of my girls enjoyed being creative and arty, so we would spend a lot of time singing, dancing or making our own stories.


One of my favourite memories is when I went with them to their piano concert at the end of my stay. I am not gonna lie - I was so emotional that day, as I was doing their hair, so they would look like their favourite princesses, and let me tell you, they did... I really felt like I am their sister ♡

With my two girls - Athena & Vicky
I lived in a modern city called Shenzhen, which is located near Hong Kong.
You can really tell, right? The city is not even 50 years old :D
My own life outside "nanny" life
Finding new friends in China was not easy, and most of my friends you have seen on my VLOGS are from around Agency or people whom I met when studying in Denmark. There were not many Au Pairs in my area. Actually, there were none. However, I would always find my way around how to keep up with my "social" life in China. By encouraging other people or planning enjoyable activities - this his how I managed not to feel homesick or lonely.

I love to sing. So, karaoke was definitely one of my favourite activities.. well as eating with my Chinese friends, haha :)
My final thoughts?
I had a blast in China, and I can't wait to go back! Even though I am not sure when exactly that will be. However, there is one thing I would like to tell all of those who have made my time in China special - 

Thanks for everything ♡
xoxo Lenny

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