Thursday, 18 July 2019

Chinese Calligraphy | Au Pair Adventure

Danielle and Jenna enjoying the class.

A few weeks back some of the au pairs in Shenzhen went on a mini-adventure to learn a little bit about Chinese culture, and meet new friends! We went to Minzhi Culture and Sports Center, and we were treated so kindly there. 

The employees there were respectful and ready to teach us. We first got a tour of the centre and everything that goes on there. For example, children can come to this sports centre and read and play games after their daily classes. There is also music and dancing for people who go there for some simple activities. 

We were then taken upstairs to start what we came here for... 

the art of Chinese calligraphy

Lenka, you look so focused here, haha.

A brief history on Chinese calligraphy
Chinese calligraphy is apart of Chinese literati. It goes along with a stringed musical instrument, and the board game “go”. The calligraphy itself comes with ink and a paintbrush like a pen. Chinese calligraphy is a beautiful, artistic form of the Chinese language. Probably the most known thing in China. It is definitely harder to learn than the language itself.

There is so much more that goes into it, so get right into reading all about the history of Chinese Calligraphy, it’s definitely interesting!

The calligraphy itself comes with ink and a paintbrush-like pen.
What we learned… 
The Chinese calligraphy teacher taught us the first two symbols in all of Chinese history. The sun and the moon. This would represent day and night, light and dark, (yes-like yin and yang.) He then went on to explain that we would be learning to write the five Chinese elements; they were: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Speaking from experience it was much harder than it looked!

Wood, fire, earth, metal and water are the basic characters.

Then we could actually attempt to write our own element. I tried wood, and it turned out pretty good! It was a great learning experience learning about another culture’s traditions, and fun too!  

PS: We went to the Japanese restaurant cuz we were soo hungry after doing all the calligraphy. It may not seem like it, but it was actually pretty challenging :)

Have you ever tried the Chinese calligraphy? And what should we do next?

Let us know,

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