Monday, 8 July 2019

Italian Au Pair Anna & 9 months in Hangzhou

Me & my host boy 

My experience in China was overall wonderful.
I was very lucky to find a lovely and kind family that allowed me the time to get used to the many cultural differences without judgement.

I loved the city I ended up in, even though I came here not knowing anything about it.
Everyone I met was welcoming and helpful (even people on the streets that I've never met before).

Every single day was special...
As an experience, being in a foreign country so far from where I came from, did have its ups and downs. The job was at times tiring and stressful. On special occasions (like birthdays and Christmas I did feel a bit nostalgic. I think the most important thing is to take the experience day by day. 

Facing difficulties it's inevitable, but I think it's important to try and keep in mind that everything can help you grow. I think I learned more about myself and how I can adapt from these obstacles, which made the experience worth a thousand times more. 

Remember that you have people looking out for you in every step of the way, I found the team from Love Aupair was always ready to help me if I had hardships or questions.

I fell in love with Chinese culture and I will truly miss all this. Maybe I will come back soon. Who knows.

Most of the times the obstacles are not even that big if you look at them with a positive outlook. I enjoyed my experience and I learned more than I had anticipated, not only about the Chinese culture and language. I think it's a beautiful and rewarding way to learn the language and experience the culture.


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