Monday, 26 August 2019

AuPair or Superhero? by Danielle

With my host mum & Susie at Le Meridian, Huizhou, China.
Hide your glasses and grab your cape! It's time to become a superhero!!! Well, an AuPair. We may have more jobs than a superhero honestly! From babysitter to the teacher, Sister to a best friend. And yes even slave and professional shower giver. Your job may change from day to day in the eyes of your child! Why, just this week I have been teacher, sister, pirate, queen, storyteller, and the strangest of all a first rescuer!

The Beach

Trip to the beach😊 What an amazing day it has been! I also have a rather large seashell collection now.. and nearly stepped on a crab...


The story of our fish
Today Susie freaked out and was near tears because the goldfish she ignores all the time (like any 6 years old with a fish does) went belly up. I was just about to dispose of it when she realized that he was opening and closing his mouth still. Cue me having to catch the fish in a giant Easter egg, dump out his tank then save the fish because Susie knocks him over. Finally, I am able to clean the tank and safely transfer him into it. 

Then I have to hold this fish for an hour in his tank to keep him upright and moving around! The whole time Susie is standing over me saying "please don't let him die!" It finally starts to swim on his own and luckily made a full recovery... And he's going to get a bigger home tomorrow (with strict lessons on fish care for Susie)... I guess fish rescuer can be added to the jobs that an AuPair does that I didn't know we did😂

Yes, you read it right. I held my hand in a fish tank for an hour's as my little Susie Puzie cried "don't let him die!" Luckily the little guy made a full recovery and I was off to the next job! Being an Aupair is a whirlwind, sometimes it is very stressful and hard.

Me & Susie

The most rewarding job in the world
Sometimes you just need a really good cry. (It's recommended you do!) But being an Aupair is so rewarding. Each job you take on that day is a reflection on how your host kid views you. They have put their love and trust in you and believe you could rule the world. They view you as someone who do anything. Why would you not want this job? It's time to prove to your future host kid that yes, you CAN do anything!!!

The landscape..
.. and an American superhero :)
Hope you are having a great summer too,

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