Monday, 5 August 2019

How I made a contract with my host kid

Danielle & Susie
Susie and I fight a lot about the free time. Here she gets 100% of the control to choose what we do) I'm not about to do that all summer long with her. Because as with any job there are ups and downs and that is a definite down! So I came up with a contract 😅 luckily she agreed that it was fair. This is something that will help any AuPair, new or old. If it is, of course, OK with your host family. 

As with ANY new behaviour/teaching techniques, you must explain in full detail exactly what you plan to do because at the end of the day we are here to build relationships not be full-fledged teachers. I'm hoping this puts an end to the constant struggle of freetime. With my particular "contract" I have it is tailored to specific areas that Susie and I would struggle with. Such as being ready to go by the time we start, being honest, being willing to work etc... And I, of course, will randomly "reward" Susie with random amounts of freetime as well. Oh, she read so well you can have 15 extra minutes...

Our contract is here to help us to cooperate :)

Now Susie is a very strong-headed girl, and so am I. We can go for a whole hour of time arguing about what is going to happen next. And this has not been a 100% change either because of course, she is still young. But it is a positive step forward and makes for hilarious stories. We all deserve the free time and we all deserve respect. 

Some time contracts (I say contract because we both signed out names and both look at it every day to settle arguments) are the best way to get both for both child and AuPair while saving the amazing bond you create❤️

Xoxo, Danielle 

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