Sunday, 29 September 2019

6 things to ask your future host family

Food is my #1 question I would suggest you ask about..

When it comes to interviewing for your host family there are certain questions you should always ask. The answers that you get can tell you all you need to know about your family and whether you should sign that contract or not! Trust me I've had two families in my time here! 

1. What foods does your family eat? 
This seems silly but trust me. If you think you're okay with any food just know your not. Most families have the same 5 meals and if they only eat bland foods and you like spicy, you're in for a long stay. 

 2. When travelling how far in advance will I be notified?
 This question is important for 2 reasons. Number one because you need to know how quickly you can throw a bag together. Number two. It will show if the family is going to take into consideration your cultural norms. It's just Chinese custom to plan very last minute trips and if you get 1 or 2 days notice it's amazing.

3. What does your average day look like both for the family and for the child you will be with. 

Obviously this needs to be asked. Because that is your life from now on. It also shows that you do in fact have an interest in the family and their life. It just looks better to your potential family. 

4. What exactly are my duties?
ASK THIS NO MATTER WHAT. Aupair means many different things. My first family used me as a teacher and that's what I did. Some au pairs do pick up and drop-offs from school help feed and shower the kids and are more of a caregiver role. Do not go into a job expecting it to be a certain way. Always ask.

Ask about your free time and whether or not are you allowed to go out. 

5. If any (behaviour) problems arise with the child what should I do? 
This is probably the most important question but most difficult to ask. You are not going to have a perfect job. It doesn't matter how good your kid is, they will have an attitude. Some kids can get physical and some just cry yell and scream. You have to know the appropriate ways to handle them. This also will show you how the family views their child and will view you. I'd the parents say oh absolutely nothing my child never acts up! Don't sign. They don't care.  If they give you an answer that you think is fair and that you are comfortable with going through with then great!! 

6. Religion. 
This obviously only goes to some. For me, religion is a deal-breaker. If a family does not have religion then that is okay, I'm not one of those types. But if the family says you're not allowed to practice your religion then you need to find someone who is okay with it. You're agreeing to change your entire life for a family and so you need to be honest about your needs. 

As you can see, there is no "wrong" question to ask. Quite the opposite - the more you ask, the better for you and your future host family :) Let me know how you interview went,


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