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Jenna's summer of 2019 in China

Summer in China

It’s me Jenna from Michigan again, it was a great but fast summer! It was and is so hot, temperatures are still climbing, and AC is blasting. As an au pair, it’s hard to think of ideas to do with kids when you just want to sit in a cool room with a cold drink. Well, this post will be all about how to have fun and stay safe in this Chinese heat.

One year ago…
Let’s take it back to Hangzhou for a minute. I was always involved with the kids and their summers in Hangzhou were almost as hot as Shenzhen. It's a dry heat. Shenzhen is more humid. A little information for my Hangzhou friends!  

Bakeries are popular place to visit during the weekends ( and not only during the summer break, haha)
Me & my host girl :)

Parks, SPF and sunsets
Anyway, something an au pair can do with a lot of kids in the summertime is finding a nice park. Whether that be close to the water, or in a shaded area covered by trees so the kids don’t get sunburnt! (Always remember SPF). Going to the park is a fun, easy way to burn some energy, and they can have fun with their friends, all while getting outside and enjoying the nice sunny day. If it is too hot, you could always go in the evening before or after dinner, right around sunset, everything is nice and cool, but don’t forget the bug spray! I did that a lot with the kids in Hangzhou…

Time to read "Leaf Hunt"
Another fun thing (educational of course) find a comfortable spot and take your reading time outside with the kids! It’s a different change of scenery and the kids love it! A good book to read outside with your kids is “Leaf Hunt” then go on a leaf hunt yourself. When you collect the leaves and acorns you paint with them and glue them on paper. It’s a great cognitive activity and fun too!

My tip? Do water balloon fights- for those really hot days!

We have had so much fun!
Smile, please :)
My mini-vacation - surprise from my host mum
Being an au pair each day brings a new surprise! Over the summer,  my host mom (Lea) surprised my boyfriend and me to an overnight stay at one of the most expensive hotels in Shenzhen! (Sometimes, in life you have to brag). Then following that day, I would meet the kids down at the luxurious pool and we would spend the day there.

It was my mini-vacation! 
Ice cream, anyone?
When my boyfriend and I arrived, Lea continued to surprise us. She said: “come have dinner with me, I’m buying!” She wanted to tell me thanks for the first couple of months of being with her family. I love working with kids because we as au pairs are caregivers, and teachers. We are changing their little lives one step at a time!  After an amazing dinner, my boyfriend-Jake and I explored the gorgeous hotel, got some dessert and headed back to the huge room for some room service and movies! 


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