Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Packing to China: Au Pair edition

I have been here for 9 months already with 3 more to go. When it comes to packing I am a wizard. But that wasn't so for when I first moved here. So I want to help those of you who have no idea how to pack or what to bring!!

1) Clothes
This is obviously priority number one but doesn't get carried away. Bring only maybe 10 outfits that you can mix and match to make more combinations. I suggest not bringing dresses and skirts that you would never wear back home. You won't wear them here either. Also, you're working with kids … don't be stupid and bring only name brand super cute clothes. 

Let's talk about bras. Buy extra. Of every kind you can. It's China… if you're bigger than an A cup you're going to have a hell of a time finding your size. 

2) Shoes I brought three pairs. And it was the worst mistake. It takes up room in your limited space. Bring a pair of walking shoes and maybe a slip-on. But honestly, all you need is walking shoes. You can find any shoe here for super cheap. There's no point in wasting your space on it.

3) Medicine
Oh Chinese medicines… don't rely on them. I brought a whole person of "western medicine" because they think hot water is a cure-all. (I'm all for homoeopathic medicines but be smart… you need real medicine sometimes.) You can never be too safe when it comes to what medicine you bring. The OCT stuff you're used to isn't sold here. And bring big bottles. When if comes to prescriptions always talk to your Dr about what you need to do

4) Toiletries
Everything here is pretty cheap but if you have curly hair like I do then you'll need to stock up and bring it with you. If you can even find curly products here they are way expensive and take months to come in. Deodorant should also be stocked up on…. Just trust me on that. Bring several of your favourites because they don't have it here. Most don't even know what stick deodorant is. 

5) Pack all of your clothes into vacuum seal bags and you'll be amazed at how much room it can save!!! That's about all you need. Maybe a light jacket depending on your area you're in. But again. They are cheap here and you have limited space. A MINIMALIST lifestyle is a way to go here. A family could change their mind and you have only 2 days to leave or you could last a full year with 1 family and you need to use this to get back home.. trust me I know what I'm talking about. 

xoxo, Danielle

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