Sunday, 8 December 2019

Au Pair & craft tips to do with your host kids

Crafting is so much fun! But did you know it's important for development as well!! Crafting can help children with their small and gross motor skills and also teach multicultural holidays. Here are a few of my favourites for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Spooky Spider! 
 Supplies needed:
 Black paper (or plain)
 Markers (or paint!)
 Scissors Googly eyes (optional)

For this craft, you will need to fold the paper in half and have the child trace their hand at the seam of the fold. Then have the child cut along the lines of their tracing. When opened up you will have a double handprint! If you used black paper all you now have to do is either draw your eyes on or glue googly eyes to the paper! Of you choose plain paper then have the child paint or colour the spider’s blacks then add eyes! For added add a silly or scary mouth to your spiders!! You can also make a spiderweb for your new spooky spiders to hang out in!

Floating Ghosts! 
 Supplies needed: 2 tissues (per child)
 Ok balled up the other flat.
 String markers

This craft is simple and very cheap to make! First ball up on tissue to be the head of the ghost, the cover the head with the second tissue and tie it off with the string. Decorate with faces and whatever your child would like! For added fun use a long string to hang the ghosts to make them fly!

Hand Turkeys! 
 Paper Paint Googly eyes (optional)

This is one of my absolute favourite crafts To do! It doesn't even have to be just a turkey, they can be turned into Santa faces as well for Christmas!! Help your child paint the palm of their hands and their thumbs brown and then allow them to pick colours for the other finger. The child should relax their hand and press it into the paper for maximum colouring. Once dry they can draw a face on their turkey (or Santa)! For added fun have the children use each "feather" to come up with something that they are thankful for!!

I hope that these crafts will bring so much fun and joy to you and yours as they have mine!

xoxo, Jenna 

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